Get the climate and nature debate on TV

Before they walk into the voting booths on 12th December, the people of Britain need to know what politicians are going to do about the climate emergency.


More than a hundred thousand people and 60 organisations with over 10 million members agree: it is time for a televised leaders debate on climate and nature. Leaders of Labour, SNP, the Lib Dems and the Greens have said they’ll take part - but we need all major party leaders.


If we can get broadcasters to commit to hosting the debate - it’ll be even harder for leaders not yet on board to explain why they’re not planning to take part.


Will you email broadcasters and ask them to show the debate? 


We’ve got a template email for you to use. If you’re able to add your personal experiences and reasons for wanting to watch the climate debate, that will really help to get their attention.